Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve asked, we’ve answered! We will continue to update this section as we answer more of your questions. If you don’t find your questions answered here, feel free to ASK BELOW!


How can I purchase pork and eggs? We offer our pork and eggs at our market stands when we have them available.  Prices vary according to the item and most are seasonal.  If you are looking for a specific cut of meat or want to purchase a large quantity, feel free to contact us and we can make arrangements with you. As of now, we are no longer offering our grass-fed beef or pasture-raised chicken..

Do you sell half or whole hogs? Our ability to sell pork in large lots changes with each year.  We do often offer half hogs or whole hogs, depending on the number available each season.  When we offer them, we will post the information to our Blog & Updates page and via our Facebook page and Twitter feed.

How often do you have meat and eggs for sale? Like our fruits and vegetables, our meat and eggs are seasonal.  In most cases, we have eggs all year round.  The amount we have available at any one time depends heavily on the weather (chickens can be fickle) and the number of hens we have.

We usually have a supply of pork beginning in the late spring and another supply beginning in early fall.  We are no longer offering our grass-fed beef or pasture-raised chickens.


Are meat or eggs included in your CSA? We no longer have a meat or egg share in our CSA program.  We found it difficult to ensure we always had the quantity available at all times.  We do offer our meat and eggs at our market stands for purchase individually, when we have them available.  If you purchase a market-style share, up to 5% of your funds may be used toward the purchase of meat or eggs during the season.

Can I customize the contents of my share? The nature of a true CSA program makes it a bit difficult for us, at this stage, to allow customers to customize the contents of their box.  However, we understand there are certain things some people just won’t eat!  If we have additional produce available at the market stands (and we usually do), we often allow CSA customers to “trade out” for something else if they just can’t stomach something.  We’d hate for any beautiful produce to go to waste!  If you want to choose your own produce, we recommend our market-style shares.


Are you organic? We operate our farm using sustainable methods.  We are not Certified USDA Organic; however, the methods we use are beyond the standard the government sets for certification. We have chosen to focus our limited resources on growing our product and servicing our customers rather than time, money and effort it would take to pursue certification. We find our customers are pleased with our efforts and we invite them to the farm to take a tour and see what we do for themselves.

Can I come to the farm to buy?  Yes!  Right now visits are by appointment only since our planting and harvest schedule makes it difficult to find us if you just show up.  We’re working on setting up a farm store with regular hours for the convenience of our customers.

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