Community Supported Agriculture

CSA vegetables

Support your farmer, Reap the rewards

Registration for our 2021 Season has opened! Please read the details below, then visit our online store for purchasing.

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It’s a partnership with your farmer focusing on producing high quality foods using ecologically sound methods of farming. CSA members support the budget of the farm during the off season and, in return, receive a share of what’s in season. We began our traditional CSA program in 2007.  In 2015, we began to offer two different share types. Read below for an explanation of the two types and the different options.

Traditional Box Share

Our traditional CSA’s focus is on a system of weekly home deliveries of vegetables to your door. Your share will contain an assortment of vegetables and fruits harvested from the farm and from trusted local partners, according to what is in season. The amount and varieties will be based on your share size. The 2021 CSA season will run from May 16th to October 16th.

Full Share

Full  share: – 7 to 9 different produce items per week, in quantity enough for a family of four (¾ bushel box), who cook at home frequently or;

Partial  share: – 5 to 7 different produce items per week, in quantity enough for a couple or family with very small children (½ bushel box), or;

Individual  share: – 4 to 6 different produce items per week, in smaller quantity than a partial share, suitable for a single individual (a shopping bag), or couple who cooks only a few times per week.

Visit our online store to purchase your share and support the farm in the off-season!

Market-Style Share

We now offer a market-style share in the form of store “credits”.  The 2021 share season will run from May 16th through October 16th.

This share is an alternative to our traditional share box. In this style, the member invests money in the off-season the same as the traditional share. However, instead of receiving a weekly box, the member selects what they want from the produce available online on their own schedule and it’s delivered to their door.

Money invested in this share translates into a credit to your account, plus a special discount code to use during the entire season. Your account credit for the season may also be used to purchase meat or eggs or any other items we offer in our store.

This type of share is now available as a “credit” option in our online store. Click the “Credits” link in the upper right of our store page!

If you’d rather pick what you want in your share or don’t need a delivery every single week, this may be the style for you.


Our succulent pasture-raised pork is now available as a CSA share! Choose from a large or small share to get a monthly bundle of pork cuts delivered to your door. The large share will contain approximately 10lbs of cuts each month, the small share will contain approximately 5lbs. It’s a great way to support the feeding of the pigs in the off season and get some great pork stocked in your freezer. Win-Win!

In any case, you are supporting the off-season budget of a local family farm while getting a great return on your investment. We sincerely appreciate your support!