Whole and Half Hogs

For those of you who want to fill your freezer with our pork, we periodically sell some of our hogs for custom processing.  You may purchase a whole hog or a half.

Sugar-Cured BaconBuying custom-processed pork is a bit different than buying by the cut.  Your cost is based on the hanging weight of the pig once it reaches the butcher, plus the cost of butchering and processing.

The hanging weight is the weight of the carcass after the animal has been eviscerated, but before it’s been cut up, cured and packaged.  The actual net take-home weight will be less than the hanging weight, after the carcass has been trimmed, with bones and fat removed.  You get to tell the butcher how you want it cut and what you want to keep.  One of our typical pigs hangs at around 180 to 230 lbs.  Finished weight is around 140 to 190 lbs.  These weights could be higher or lower by 20 lbs or so, depending on the pig.  If you choose to order a half pig, obviously these weights will be halved.

The price for a custom-processed pig is $4.25/lb based on hanging weight.  This will be paid to us after we drop off the hog to the butcher.  We will invoice you immediately, minus your deposit.  This bill is due within 7 days.  For a whole hog the average invoice would be around $850 – $150 deposit for a remainder due of $700.  A half hog would be approximately $425 – $75 deposit for a remainder due of $350. Again, these are just estimates and will vary higher or lower based on the actual weight of your pig.

20150608_155457The slaughter fee is $47 and the butchering (cutting, trimming & packaging) is .70 per pound.  Curing (bacon, hams, etc.) is an additional .75 per pound.  The final bill for your processing fees will average around $200 for a whole hog ($100 for a half), depending on your cuts and amount cured.    This bill will be presented to you when you pick up your cuts and must be paid before you take your meat home.

So, for approximately 160 pounds of finished product your total cost would be around $1050 for a whole hog ($525 per half) or $6.50 per pound.  This is a significant savings over our prepackaged product we sell at our stands (example: our bacon sells for $9.25 per pound).

Please remember these amounts are estimates.  Your hog may vary!

We use Paradise Locker Meats in Trimble because of their certified humane practices and their expertise in processing pasture-raised meats.  After we deliver the hogs, you will receive a call when your meat is ready to pick up.  You may pick up your order at your convenience or we will make arrangements with you ahead of time to pick up your meat from us.  Your meat will come to you fully frozen. A whole pig will use about four cubic feet of freezer space, depending on the cuts.

The butcher will work with you to figure out how you want your meat cut and cured – it’s totally customized for you!  Below is a basic list of how each portion of the pig can be cut:


  • Bone-In Pork Chops
  • Boneless Tenderloin Roast
  • Boneless Pork Chops (you can get baby back ribs if you get boneless)
  • Center-cut bone-in Rib Roast
  • Country Style Ribs (comes from the sirloin)


  • Picnic Shoulder Roasts
  • Steaks
  • Country Style Spare Ribs
  • Ground for sausage


  • Bacon (fresh or cured)
  • Spareribs (comes from the side)


  • Fresh Ham (left whole, or divided into roasts and/or steaks)
  • Cured Ham (left whole or divided in roasts)
  • Ground for sausage
  • Hocks (fresh or cured)


  • Fresh or cured (we always cure our jowls and use as bacon)
  • Ground for sausage

No worries, the butcher will walk you through it step-by-step.  You can also choose to keep the organs, feet and lard.  You can choose your ground sausage to be plain, mild, medium or hot.  The choices are all yours!

The deposit for a half hog is $75 and a whole hog is $150.  If you’re ready to reserve yours, go to our online order form to check for available butcher dates and place your deposit.  Any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

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