Premium Pastured Pork

At Wolf Creek, we are dedicated to raising our livestock in as natural an environment as possible.  We work hard to ensure our hogs are no exception.

Pigs in hay

We raise our hogs in a pasture-based system.  The hogs graze in open pasture and wooded areas with shelters to retreat to in inclement weather.  This allows them to forage and graze naturally while still being protected from predators and the elements.  We purposely plant grasses, brassicas, legumes and root vegetables for them to feed on, in addition to the nuts and acorns supplied by the trees.  We supplement with garden produce and non-GMO grains to round out their diet.

We allow our hogs to live in family units, with the sows giving birth in open pastures in nests they’ve built themselves.  So long as the sow is healthy, her babies stay with her at all times being taught to root and graze.  The piglets are weaned by the mother, not by us, further supporting their natural behaviors and enhancing their physical development.

Birthing sows and their new babies are sometimes kept in our pen system if there is significant predator pressure or the sow has had a problem giving birth.  This pen system is a combo of indoor/outdoor shelters and runs.  Inside the barn stall or shelter is a layer of thick bedding, mostly straw.  The pigs use this bedding to create their sleeping quarters and constantly “redecorate” these areas to their liking.  Each shelter has an outside pen or run.  This run is mostly dirt for digging and mud for wallowing in.  If these pens get excessively muddy, straw is added to keep the muck to a minimum.  These areas are also enhanced with garden scraps for them to root in and “toys” to play with…yes, pigs are playful!  They are protected here for a short time until moved to pasture.

Our hogs are never given antibiotics or hormones of any kind.  If one needs doctoring that requires antibiotics, they are immediately removed from our meat program.  Since we use holistic methods for healing and preventing illness, this has never happened to date.  We eat the same pork we sell to you and it’s extremely important to us that we offer a high-quality, full-flavored and naturally raised product.  As a result, our pork is always in high demand.

When we have cuts available, we bring them with us to our farmers market locations.  We also offer online ordering at certain times of the year.  Additionally, we offer bulk purchases by the half or whole hog.

Our retail cuts are priced as follows:

Pasture pork pricing