Free-Range Eggs

At Wolf Creek we believe animals should be raised in the most comfortable environment possible.  We try to encourage inherent behaviors and mimic their natural environment while keeping them protected and productive.  This is very true for our laying hens.

Hen in grassOur girls are truly “free range.”  For large commercial farms, this term can simply mean they aren’t in cages.  It says nothing for their environment, or how many are crammed in together, only that they may have access to the outdoors.  Others say their eggs are “pasture raised.”  While those hens may be on pasture, they are often caged to a small area that is moved daily to fresh grass.  We think that’s better than being caged or in a large warehouse, but it’s not what we do.

Our hens certainly have a protected coop.  This is where the nest Mom in coopboxes and feeding/watering equipment is.  The floor is layered with thick bedding of straw or shavings.  However, the door to the coops are opened each morning and the girls are free to roam wherever they wish.  There is a protective fence around the coop area; however, this is more to keep predators out than to keep the hens in.  Our birds aren’t prevented from flying up and over this fencing to wander as they please.  Thankfully, they know they can run right back to this protected area in case a predator happens by!

We want to keep our system this way, for the health and happiness of our hens, so we try to be extremely vigilant in protecting the hens while allowing them to peck and roam.  In exchange, they give us a healthy supply of eggs with beautiful dark yellow-orange yolks from all the bugs and grasses they munch on during the day.  These eggs have a wonderful flavor and are so much better for you than factory-farmed eggs from the grocery.  Our customers continue to tell us they can truly see the difference…and we agree!

Eggs in basketOur eggs currently sell for $4.00 per dozen and are available at our farmers market locations throughout the season.