Products & Markets

At Wolf Creek Family Farm, our natural way of farming begins with the land. We use no chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. All fertilization comes from composted materials, cover crops and manure from our farm. Pests are controlled by companion planting (planting crops strategically to reduce harmful insects and attract helpful insects that prey on pests) and by hand-picking them from plants. Weed control is done through cover cropping, mulching and pulling – no chemicals sprayed here!

Our livestock are raised in ways that mimic their natural behaviors and we focus on old-Pastured Hensfashioned breeds that thrive in a pasture environment. Our laying hens are free-ranging and our hogs are pasture raised. None of our livestock are given antibiotics or hormones of any kind. If an animal needs doctoring that requires the use of antibiotics, they are immediately removed from our meat or egg program.

We invite you to come find us at one of our market locations and see for yourself how good fresh, local, sustainably grown food can be. For health and biosecurity reasons, we do not have open hours on the farm. Visits are by appointment only.