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Wolf Creek Family Farm is a small family farm in Peculiar, MO.  We are focused on fresh, sustainably grown produce and naturally raised pork and eggs.  We try hard to use methods that preserve the integrity of the land and provide wholesome, chemical-free food for our customers.  We believe food is fresher, more nutritious and more able to sustain itself as a system if it’s produced close to where it’s consumed.

FieldsWe’re happy and proud to offer you high-quality produce, home-grown pork, and fresh eggs grown naturally. We eat from the same fields you do and wouldn’t dare sell anything we wouldn’t eat ourselves. Wolf Creek Family Farm is proud of our commitment to quality and hope you’ll feel confident in feeding your family fresh food from the family farm.

So, are you Hungry Like the Wolf?  Roam our site to find out more about what we grow, where we sell it and how you can get involved.  And, don’t forget to like us on Facebook (/WolfCreekFamilyFarm) or follow us on Instagram (@wolfcreekfamilyfarm)!